5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Some kids have trouble getting good quality sleep which is essential for happy moods, focus and concentration. Getting adequate rest will help to naturally strengthen the immune system while inadequate or poor quality sleep is linked to a higher susceptibility to sickness.

And unfortunately if your child isn’t getting a good night’s sleep, this most likely will impact their parents sleeping patterns too. The last thing you need at the end of a busy day is a bedtime battle.

Follow these simple tips for a good night’s sleep

1. Turn off the TV and all Screens

At least 2 hours before bedtime ensure all screens are turned off such as computer, TV, phone and iPad etc. The light from these devices can interfere with the production of a sleep hormone called Melatonin. This hormone plays an important part in the sleep-wake cycle and when Melatonin levels are high this means your child is sleepy and ready for bed. Looking at a screen leading up to bedtime can disrupt Melatonin levels and keep your child awake for a couple of hours.

2. Bedtime Routine

We all know about the importance of routines and this is especially the case for toddlers and preschoolers. Follow a night time routine which could include a relaxing warm bath followed by a story. This will help to set the scene for what’s next – hopping into bed. This comforting bedtime routine can help your child to automatically relax and become sleepy.

3. Temperature Control

Don’t keep your child’s room too warm during the night because a good nights sleep is also dependant on external room temperature. Their body temperature needs to drop to ensure they drift off to sleep. Typically a room that’s a little cooler is better when it comes to promoting the benefits of a deeply restoring sleep

4. Wake-up Times

Just like all the benefits associated with a good night time routine, it’s also important to have a morning routine. Ensure your child is waking up and getting out of bed at roughly the same time every morning and hopefully on the weekends they will enjoy a small sleep in with the rest of the family.

On weekdays, If your child is allowed to stay in bed because they are too tired to get up, this can impair their bedtime routine, where they want to stay up late because they’re not tired.

5. How much sleep does your child need?

These guidelines will help you to ascertain the recommenced amount of sleep for each of the age groups.

Birth – 12 months old

14 – 18 hours each night

1 to 3 years old

12 – 14 hours each night

3 to 6 years old

11 – 12 hours each night

7 to 12 years old

10 – 11 hours each night

12 – 18 years old

8 – 10 hours each night

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