Class Consultations

This consultation is offered as part of a package when you purchase an online learning class.  This is the most economical option to gain access to Fiona’s wealth of knowledge on children’s health.


This consultation allows you the opportunity to address any questions related to the online learning class and to ask specific questions regarding your child’s health and wellbeing.

Cost:  $60

Duration:  30 minutes

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Infant/Child Initial Consultation

During this consultation, Fiona will seek information about your pregnancy, birth and post birth experiences. This will provide an integrated view to give a full picture of the foundations of your child’s health status. You can expect to leave this consultation with a thorough understanding of the potential contributing factors of the presenting symptoms. Fiona will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates possible herbal/nutritional medicine, dietary/lifestyle recommendations, recipes and handouts. Plus an overview of the consultation so you feel empowered to care for your child’s wellbeing with Fiona’s guidance.


Fiona successfully treats the following children’s conditions:

Natural medicine offers a gentle approach to nurture and restore your child’s health and wellbeing to recover from many of the common childhood health conditions. Naturopathy is also well suited for some of the more complex conditions.

Digestive complaints – constipation, diarrhoea, loose stools, pain or bloating
Allergies and allergic conditions – such as asthma, eczema or hayfever
Poor Immunity – recurring colds or ear infections
Skin Conditions – rashes, eczema, acne, pimples or allergic reactions
Moods – anxiety, depression or mood swings
Food Intolerances – identifying food reactions
Food Allergies – identifying food reactions
Growth and development issues – fussy eaters or nutritional malabsorption
Behavioural challenges – ADHD or others
Energy – poor energy or chronic fatigue
Picky Eaters – fussy eaters
Sleep – trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

1 Hour Consultation

Cost:  $195

½ Hour Follow Up Consultation

Cost:  $105

Adult Consultation

As a clinical naturopath who integrates evidence-based naturopathic principles, Fiona treats adults too. Fiona loves to empower proactive health choices by offering individualised and specialised care.  She provides professional advice and support, dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.


Your first naturopathic consultation is essentially an investigation of your current health, presenting symptoms, underlying condition and potential contributing factors.  Dietary and lifestyle investigations will also aim to identify the underlying cause of your presenting symptoms.   This is combined with screening tools will help give a comprehensive view of your current health status.

Fiona successfully treats the following adult conditions:

Fiona employs a multi-disciplinary approach and utilises evidence-based natural medicine to obtain the best clinical outcome.  She is successful in treating a diverse range of health concerns including;


Women’s health – Preconception care, pregnancy care, fertility, IVF support, PMS, PCOS or Endometriosis

Digestive imbalances – such as food intolerances, abdominal bloating, discomfort, IBS or candida

Metabolic health – weight management and diabetes

Stress and Mood – anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality, fatigue or headaches

Skin – acne, pimples or eczema

1 Hour Consultation

Cost:  $195

½ Hour Follow Up Consultation

Cost:  $105

Fertility Consultation

The creation of life is a beautifully complex time and contemplating a healthy journey into conception provides your baby with the best possible start in life – the greatest gift a parent can give their child.


The time a couple spends optimising their health before conception goes a long way towards achieving an enjoyable pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Prior to conception you will most likely have experienced a lifestyle that involves the exposure to stressors and toxins.  These factors are understood to impact the health outcomes of future generations.

Fiona can naturally support you through preconception, pregnancy and your post-birth journey.  She provides couples with nutritional support alongside healthy lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve the best result and give your baby the best start in life.   Fiona uses integrative screening tools alongside nutritional/dietary assessment and pathology analysing to help you reach your desired outcome.


Fiona offers Natural Medicine in Melbourne via Phone or in person:

As a skilled natural therapy in Melbourne practitioner.  Fiona offers consultations at Vitality Group in Middle Park or online via Skype, Zoom and Phone Telehealth.

Cost:  $195

Duration:  1 hour

Half hour follow up consultation $105

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient clearing method that has been used by Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Hopi Indians of America.  A special hallow candle is used to create a vacuum in the ear.  The vacuum draws out old wax, the residues of past infection and funguses.  Ear candling can help to stimulate the immune system.  It is a non-invasive and painless treatment.

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