Try This Natural Remedy To Treat Ear Infections

An ear infection occurs either because of a bacterial or viral infection that affects the middle ear – the section of the ear behind the eardrum. Called the eustachian tube – it connects the middle ear directly to the back of the throat and is about as thick as a strand of hair.

This extremely narrow tube can easily become inflamed, causing swelling that can lead to a blockage with a subsequent build-up of fluid in the middle ear – this is what causes the pain..

Antibiotics are routinely prescribed to treat ear infections. However, research shows the vast majority of infections will resolve on their own with or without medical intervention. Antibiotics also may impair immune function which can lead to further infections.

Food Intolerances can cause Recurring Ear Infections

If your child frequently suffers from ear infections they may have an underlying food intolerance which ultimately can cause inflammation to the eustachian tube. The main culprit is dairy products which most kids love to eat, examples include milk, cream, ice-cream, yoghurt and cheese.

Signs & Symptoms of Ear Infection

Common signs and symptoms of ear infection includes;

  • ✅ Tugging at the ear
  • ✅ Difficulty sleeping or lying down
  • ✅ Fluid draining from the ear
  • ✅ Fever
  • ✅ Loss of balance
  • ✅ Diarrhoea, vomiting, reduced appetite

Try this Natural Remedy to Treat Ear Infections

Try this old-school remedy at the first sign of an ear infection. Medicinal garlic oil, available from health food stores or on-line naturally has anti-viral and anti-bacteria properties that kill infection.

✅ Simply place a few drops of garlic oil in the affected ear and cover with cotton wool.

✅ Allow your child to rest with the infected ear facing upwards so the oil can drain through the ear canal (eustachian tube) into the back of the throat. As this powerful antimicrobial oil travels through the tube it kills the infection and relieves the pain.

✅ Apply 2 or 3 drops of oil every 2 hours and keep your child warm and well rested while they recover.

Caution: Don’t use this treatment if the ear canal is perforated, where you see clear pus, a bloody discharge, dizziness or ringing in the ear.



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