Is Your Child Getting Sick Too Often?

Children are exposed to viruses and bacteria daily, however they will only get sick sometimes, and some kids, more often than others. This is to do with how strong and effective their immune system is. If it’s robust, then even in a crowd of sick people, your child won’t develop symptoms of an infection. However, if their immune system is struggling, then they may get sick more often and take longer to recover.

The army within the immune system is the body’s ‘department of defence’. It protects your child from potentially harmful invaders by recognising and responding to them as a threat. When the immune system is functioning well, it acts like a powerful, well-regulated army consisting of several highly specialised types of white blood cells.

Does your child have weakened defences?

Factors that can contribute to the weakening of the immune system include the following:

  • ✅ Physiological, psychological and emotional stress.
  • ✅ Lack of exercise.
  • ✅ Lack of sleep, rest and relaxation.
  • ✅ Diet low in fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein sources.
  • ✅ Exposure to pollution, cigarette smoke and/or extreme cold weather.

8 ways to keep children’s immune function strong

These are my top dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help strengthen and nourish your child’s mmune system:

Eat a diet high in colourful fruits and vegetables. As these have the best levels of immune protecting nutrients. Fresh is best. Avoid produce that has been stored for long periods.

Avoid sugars. This includes refined white flour (bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes, etc.) as these foods are very low in nutrients and deplete immune function.

Avoid or minimise stress at work and home. Stress hormones inhibit the function of all aspects of immunity. This could result in worsened infections and slowed wound healing. Taking time each day for relaxation and leisure is important for healthy immune function.

Exercise regularly. Regular, moderate exercise seems to improve immune function. Find an activity your child enjoys – such as dancing, playing outdoors or swimming – and make it a regular part of their lifestyle for fun, fitness and a healthy immune system.

Increase water. Water is essential for all aspects of good health. How much do they need? Approximately 35mls per kilogram of body weight.

Get enough sleep. The immune system does its repair and rebuilding while your child is asleep at night.

Supplements, Include supplements to boost your child’s immune function such as zinc, elderberry, echinacea or probiotics. These can be added to their daily routine or given at the first sign of a sniffle.

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