A Naturopathic Guide, How To Treat Constipation


The information in contained within this ebook is designed to help your child reach their full potential to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves possible.


When your child is constipated, they literally have food sitting in their large intestine for days or weeks which is essentially ‘going off’. Prevailing research suggests gut health is the keystone to reaching optimal wellbeing. When your child is constipated, this could negatively impact their immunity, brain function and skin health, just to name a few.


As a leading Paediatric Naturopath & Nutritionist, the information in this book combines evidence-based naturopathic principles and integrative nutrition alongside scientific research.


I provide you with my expert advice and guidance to help you restore your child’s health and wellbeing. You will feel empowered to confidently nurture care your child’s health at home so they can enjoy the good health they deserve.


Restoring your Child’s Health and Wellbeing


This 60 page book offers a naturopathic approach to support and restore your child’s Digestive System by offering a simple and practical path to better health.


What’s included in the Book


  • 11 Proven Remedies to Relieve Constipation – A combination of these proven techniques will help you to restore bowel health.
  • Learn how constipation disrupts your child’s health and wellbeing.
  • Offers a naturopathic approach to healing your child’s body by offering a simple and practical path to creating better health.
  • Overview on Gut Health – Discover how gut health underpins your child’s health and is connected to immunity, brain function, skin health plus a whole lot more.
  • 7 Day Food & Symptom Diary – Helps you to join-the-dots by listing 40+ possible signs and symptoms your child may experience, directly connected to food reactions.
  • Dear Poop Diary – This diary helps you keep a record of how often your child is pooping each day alongside consistency and colour to map daily improvements.
  • Poop Colour Chart – Learn what each colour suggests about your child’s internal health.
  • The Types of Poop – Get a snapshot of what the different shapes of poop say about your child’s health on any given day.
  • Natural Medicine to the Rescue – Learn which are the best natural medicine supplements for constipation to help restore your child’s overall health and wellbeing.
  • Specialised Dietary Advice – Handy cheat sheets to point you in the right direction if you need to make dietary changes.
  • Food Allergies vs Food Intolerances – These are very different conditions – one is life threatening. Learn various characteristics between them.
  • Healthy Eating Plan – A tailor-made eating plan designed to provide you with serving sizes and examples for each of the main food groups.
  • Nutrition 101 – Learn the health benefits for each of the 3 main food groups – carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.
  • Advice for Fussy Eaters – Follow my top tips for picky eaters.
  • My Best Gut Restoring Nourishing Recipes – To help you get started to restore your child’s gut health to support their overall health and wellbeing.
  • Case Study – How I treat constipation within a clinic environment.


This ebook will benefit your child if they are experiencing the following


  • Infrequent, difficult passage of poop (your child should have 1 to 2 bowel movements each day)
  • Stool harder than normal; rabbit or ribbon-type poop
  • Bloated sensation
  • Tummy aches and pain
  • Abdominal examination indicates distension with hard poop mass
  • Rectal examination showing hard, compacted poop in the rectum
  • Holding on – if the urge is ignored, the urge goes
  • Infants may straighten legs and clench buttocks to prevent poop passage if they are experiencing pain and discomfort


Healthy Eating Plan


A tailor-made nutritional program designed to provide your child and whole family with the perfect balance for each of the main food groups so they will thrive.


How your Child will benefit from the Healthy Eating Plan


  • The Healthy Eating Plan removes all the guess work on how to feed your child nutritious food.
  • Eating a variety of food is the key to a well-balanced diet.
  • Learn the portion sizes for each of the main food groups to suit your child’s age.
  • Provides portion sizes for each of the main food groups to suit your child’s.
    • Protein
    • Carbohydrates
    • Healthy fats
  • The Healthy Eating Plan isn’t just for kids, it can be adapted to suit all members of the family.
  • Most children don’t eat enough protein. Feeding your child the correct portion of protein at each meal helps to keep them satisfied for longer. This stops cravings for sugar and junk food between meals.
  • Learn how to choose wholegrains over refined grains – a healthier option that provides fibre to support gut health.


About Fiona Stock


Fiona is a respected Paediatric Naturopath and Nutritionist, trained and experienced health coach, educator, mentor and author. With over 22 years of Natural Medicine industry wisdom combined with a successful practice and extensive clinical experience. She has successfully treated thousands of patients for a wide-range of conditions focusing on gut health utilising evidence-based naturopathic philosophy alongside integrative nutrition.


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