How To Treat Children’s Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is the frequent passing of watery poop and can be associated with other symptoms such as cramping, nausea and vomiting.

If your child has acute children’s diarrhoea, generally it should pass in a day or two.  On the other hand, long term children’s diarrhoea can be dangerous for youngsters because they become dehydrated very quickly, meaning they are losing fluids more rapidly than they are being replaced.  It is extremely important to keep up their fluids and watch them carefully as their condition can deteriorate quickly. Water on its own may not be enough and electrolytes can quickly re-hydrate them. 

Children’s Diarrhoea is often a symptom of food intolerance

If children’s diarrhoea is a regular occurrence, say one or more times a week, then keep my Food and Symptom Diary (get a copy here) to record if there is a relationship between the episodes of children’s diarrhoea and eating a particular food.  If the gut registers a certain food as an irritant, it can signal to rush water into the gut to wash the offending food through quickly so it doesn’t further aggravate the digestive system.  This is a symptom of a food intolerance..  However, if children’s diarrhoea persists after the offending food is removed and hence not caused by a food intolerance, seek advice from your health practitioner to investigate if a pathogen (germ) is the cause.

If your youngster experiences children’s diarrhoea on a regular basis, they are not absorbing the vitamins and minerals they need in order to thrive.

Signs and symptoms of children’s diarrhoea

  • ✅ Frequent and loose, watery poop
  • ✅ Abdominal discomfort, cramping and/or pain
  • ✅ Flatulence and/or bloating
  • ✅ Vomiting and/or nausea
  • ✅ Increased thirst
  • ✅ Failure thrive
  • ✅ Dehydration

Causes of children’s diarrhoea

  • ✅ Teething
  • ✅ Exposure to infected persons and/or animals
  • ✅ Food intolerances e.g. dairy and gluten
  • ✅ Emotional disturbance and/or stress
  • ✅ Overseas travel or camping (bacterial infection)

Natural Medicine Recommendations to Treat children’s diarrhoea

  • ✅ Probiotics



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