7 Tips to Reduce Junk Food

Junk food is just about everywhere and the availability and convenience makes it difficult to avoid or limit. Follow our handy tips to help wean your child off highly processed food – Let the battle begin!

1. Clean out the pantry

Throw out all processed foods including chips, biscuits and sweets from your kitchen cupboards.

2. Replace processed food with healthier options

Get your cupboard and fridge whole food ready with a selection of healthy options your child will enjoy. (check out the pantry staples list blog coming up next)! 

3. Get the whole family involved

Everyone in the family needs to be committed to a healthier lifestyle.  It’s not fair if other family members are tucking into a packet of chips or other highly processed food. It’s all for one and one for all, or at least at home.

4. How to stop the sugar cravings

An important step to help reduce sugar cravings is to increase the protein portion your child eats at each meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Protein (lamb, chicken, beef, fish, full-fat dairy, legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds) will keep your child fuller for longer and help to stop slumps in blood sugar which leads to cravings. How much protein do they need at each meal? The thickness and size of the palm of their hand with each meal.

5. Don’t be afraid of a tantrum

There will more than likely be a power struggle when you remove processed food from their diet.  This is normal because these foods are highly addictive. As the toxins leave their body there will be some emotional ups and downs as they withdraw from the chemical additives. If ‘healthy’ food is rejected at dinner and you give an ‘unhealthy’ snack before bed, you are losing the battle.

6. Make a list of their favourite foods

Make sure you have plenty of their favourite healthy food choices on hand.

7. Explain why you are making the changes

Tell them you are trying to help them be stronger, happier and healthier. 



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