Practitioner Only Multivitamins

Your child’s body cannot produce all the vitamins it needs to function properly, they have to eat them. An easy enough task you say, but with the confusing labelling on manufactured and processed foods, it’s difficult for parents to really know if what they are feeding their children is truly going to benefit their health now and into their future.

Vitamins are organic nutrients essential for life and your child needs them to ensure they enjoy the best health possible.


Nutritional Deficiencies

A nutritional deficiency occurs either because the body doesn’t receive enough nutrients in the food they eat or because of poor gut function which means nutrients aren’t absorbed in the small intestine. This leads directly to a variety of health problems including;

  • ✅  Skin problems
  • ✅  Poor immune function
  • ✅  Stunted or defective bone growth
  • ✅  Compromised brain function
  • ✅  Behavioural issues
  • ✅  Learning problems

Because children are growing at an astonishingly rapid rate, it’s not surprising they are at the greatest risk for serious complications due to nutritional deficiencies. Why? Children’s diets nowadays are heavily weighted in favour of processed and manufactured foods. Unfortunately, these foods simply don’t provide your child with the nutrients their bodies need.


Vitamins Fall into Two Categories

Water-Soluble Vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C, choline and all the B complex vitamins. They are classed as water-soluble because they dissolve in water before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

They are generally nontoxic because they do not get stored. Instead, the body absorbs the vitamins it requires and excretes what is not needed as waste product in the urine. Therefore, water-soluble vitamins need to be replenished every day.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins A, D, E and K; they dissolve in fat and are stored in the body’s fat tissue for long periods of time. They perform a variety of important functions such as building healthy cells and producing hormones. In order for your child’s body to absorb fat- soluble vitamins they need to be consumed with dietary fat.

Examples of healthy dietary fat includes cheese, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and full-fat yoghurt.



Minerals are naturally occurring substances found in soil and rocks.  They are essential nutrients required to carry out key functions each day for your child’s optimal health.  We get minerals from our diet when we eat plant foods that have absorbed the nutrients directly from the soil.  Minerals are also found in meat from plant-grazing animals. 

If a growing child is deprived of any one of the important minerals, various functions may be impaired and therefore a contributing and underlying factor in many common childhood illnesses

Minerals play the following roles:

  • ✅ Bone and teeth health
  • ✅ Energy production
  • ✅ Nerve and muscle function
  • ✅ Immune health


Minerals can be depleted in food:

  • ✅ When produce is grown in poor top soils, which are naturally low in minerals.
  • ✅ If fruit and vegetables are not allowed to ripen on the vine; this being the critical stage when minerals are released into food.
  • ✅ When fresh produce is stored for extended periods before it reaches the supermarket shelves
  • ✅ If the minerals get bound up in the chemicals stored in the top soils and not released into the food.


How to choose the best vitamin for your child

If your child follows a restrictive diet, cannot adequately absorb nutrients, or is a picky eater, they may benefit from taking multivitamins.  It’s important to choose vitamins that are specifically made for kids and ensure they don’t contain megadoses that exceed the daily nutrient needs for children.

When choosing a multivitamin, look for quality products such as practitioner only brands. 

Vitamin and mineral precautions for children

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a supplement for your child and these include:

  • ✅  Quality and safety – Practitioner only products are made with safe, high quality ingredients.
  • ✅  Ingredients – Practitioner only products are free of fillers, artificial flavors, food dyes, and preservatives.
  • ✅  Dosage – Kids practitioner only products are specifically formulated for infants or kids.
  • ✅  Testing – All practitioner only products are third-party tested to ensure safety and quality.
  • ✅  Reputable brands – Practitioner only products only use the highest quality ingredients and  adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

Naturopathy Can Help With the following childhood conditions

Fiona provides tailored health plans based on a multitude of factors relevant to your child’s symptomology (how they are feeling), pathology (how their body is responding), plus dietary and lifestyle factors.

  • ✅ Digestive complaints – constipation, diarrhoea, loose stools, pain or bloating
  • ✅ Allergies and allergic conditions – such as asthma, eczema or hayfever
  • ✅ Poor Immunity – recurring colds or ear infections
  • ✅ Skin Conditions – rashes, eczema, acne, pimples or allergic reactions
  • ✅ Moods – anxiety, depression or mood swings
  • ✅ Food Intolerances – identifying food reactions
  • ✅ Food Allergies – identifying food reactions
  • ✅ Growth and development issues – fussy eaters or nutritional malabsorption
  • ✅ Behavioural challenges – ADHD or others
  • ✅ Energy – poor energy or chronic fatigue
  • ✅ Picky Eaters – fussy eaters
  • ✅ Sleep – trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

What happens in a consultation

During your consultation, Fiona will seek information about your pregnancy, birth and post birth experiences. This will provide an integrated view to give a full picture of the foundations of your child’s health status. You can expect to leave your consultation with a thorough understanding of the potential contributing factors of the presenting symptoms. Fiona will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates possible herbal/nutritional medicine, dietary/lifestyle recommendations, recipes and handouts. Plus an overview of the consultation so you feel empowered to care for your child’s wellbeing with Fiona’s guidance. At The Children’s Naturopath, Fiona Stock an expert in childhood health, she understands children’s needs and considers working with kids and teens to be an absolute joy. She finds that children typically respond to naturopathic treatment very well – bouncing back to good health in no time.  And she treasures the opportunity she has to teach kids about their bodies and engage them in their health journey, setting them up with strong foundations and knowledge for life.

Meet Fiona Stock

Fiona is skilled at getting to the heart of childhood health challenges – helping to initiate lasting change.

Fiona Stock is a respected Paediatric Naturopath & Children’s Nutritionist with a career spanning over 23 years. Armed with an abundance of experience and a true desire to transform your child’s health, she’ll listen closely to understand the underlying causes of their troubling condition. Fiona gets to the heart of your child’s presenting symptoms by deciphering what their body is trying to tell you. She will suggest simple and specific changes as well as herbal or nutritional medicine where required to nurture and restore your child, so they can enjoy the good health they deserve. Deeply compassionate and highly skilled, either of the Naturopathic Consultation Options with Fiona is a wonderful investment in your child’s health. If you’ve tried everything and are yet to find solutions to your child’s health challenges – this could well be the path to take.
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Fiona treats the following conditions:

  • ✅Poor Immunity
  • ✅Poor Focus & Concentration
  • ✅ Behavioural Problems
  • ✅ ADHD
  • ✅ Depression
  • ✅ Anxiety
  • ✅ Food Allergies
  • ✅ Food Intolerances
  • ✅ Constipation
  • ✅ Diarrhoea
  • ✅ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • ✅ Tummy Pain
  • ✅ Eczema
  • ✅ Asthma
  • ✅ Obesity
  • ✅ Auto-Immune Disease
  • ✅ Recurring Infections
  • ✅ Fussy Eaters
  • ✅ Sleep Issues
  • ✅ Plus many more…

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