3-Steps to Robust Immune Health

Every mother’s desire is for their child to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves possible. This class helps you to achieve that goal.

Learn the underlying cause of poor immunity and how to nurture and restore your child’s immunity back to optimal health.

Simple strategies to boost immunity designed for busy mums.

Step-by-step instructions that are easily implemented at home.

Natural medicine to the rescue – gain access to the best quality practitioner-only products to nourish your child’s immunity (Australia & N.Z. only)

Healthy Eating Plan – takes away all the guess work by providing you with serving sizes for the main food groups to suit your child’s age group.

Healthy Eating Plan – takes away all the guess work by providing you with serving sizes for the main food groups to suit your child’s age group.

Workbook – includes all course notes to transform your child’s life and keep the strategies as doable as possible.

Recipes plus checklists and cheatsheets – all you need to begin your child’s journey to optimal immunity so they can enjoy the good health they deserve.

Plus much more…

Boost your child’s immunity

“Just after the first session and changing my child’s diet, I was able to achieve results! Fiona is able to explain the concepts with a depth of understanding and knowledge that is easy to follow. Her advice has made a huge positive impact to our family.”

Ros B.

Let’s build healthier & happier kids together!

If your child catches everything going around and is on the constant merry-go-round of bacterial and viral infections. This is the class for you.
When your follow my simple 3-step program you can nurture and restore your child’s immune system into tip top shape.


“Fiona has really helped strengthen my son’s immune system. He got a viral infection that he couldn’t seem to recover from and then started day care which made everything worse. After a nightmarish 6 months he’s much better in a matter of weeks. I cannot thank you (or highly recommend) you enough.”

Emma. J

Get advice you can trust with

Australia’s Leading Paediatric Naturopath.

My aim is to ensure your child isn’t suffering from treatable or preventable ailments. This class offers practical solutions and nutritional guidance to help you understand the underlying cause of your child’s condition. Armed with this information you will feel empowered with knowledge on how to nurture your child’s wellbeing so they can enjoy the optimal health they deserve.


“Thank you Fiona, I love your classes and I’ve watched them again and again and feeling so empowered with my new knowledge on how to look after my kid’s immunity.
I highly recommend Fiona’s course.”

Georgie. J

“Fiona is deeply knowledgeable in her field. My daughter’s immune function has never been better thanks to her care and advice. I would highly recommend Fiona.”

Rebecca. A

“Amazing resources and heaps of very usable information. Highly recommend.”

Michelle. L

Get advice you can trust…

With over 35,000 downloads of my e-books and e-courses, I have developed a unique learning framework which has helped families worldwide restore their child’s health and wellbeing.

A Sneak Peek at what you’ll learn inside the course.

Step 1

Did you know 80% of the Immune System is situated in the Gut?

This class provides a treasure trove of valuable information where I’ll teach you the ABC’s of immunity. The secret to restoring and nurturing your child’s immunity lies in rebuilding their gut health.

Step 2

What your child eats impacts the Immune System.

Here we take an in-depth look at the dietary component of your child’s poor immunity and how our modern diet and lifestyle are major contributors to poor immunity.

Step 3

Natural Medicine to the Rescue.

This is where I take you through my top supplements to nurture and nourish your child’s immune health.

Ready to reboot your child’s immunity?

The class takes just over an hour to complete – allowing you to make immediate changes to boost your child’s immunity.

A robust immune system!

We are all exposed to viruses and bacteria every day, however when your child attends childcare or school their immune system can get exhausted because it’s constantly under attack. If their immune system is robust, even when they are in a crowd of sick children, they won’t develop the symptoms of infection or they can recover quickly. On the other hand, if their immune system is struggling, then they will get sick more often and take longer to recuperate.

As Australia’s leading Paediatric Naturopath & Kids Nutritionist, I’ve especially designed this class so that you will learn everything I teach in a face-to-face consultation.

Lifetime access:
Free updates to the course

The class material is continually updated to reflect changes when new scientific research becomes available.

A Message from Fiona Stock

As a Paediatric Naturopath, Children’s Nutritionist and Author with 25 years of extensive clinical experience. This class combines evidence-based naturopathic principles alongside the latest scientific research in children’s health. This will provide the best foundation for your child’s health and wellbeing from infancy into school-age years and beyond.

Ready to reboot your child’s Immunity?

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