3-Steps to Navigating ADHD

Being a mother is the most important job in the world and part of that job is having the happiest and healthiest child possible. This class helps you to achieve that goal.

Learn how to nurture your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Address the underlying causes that undermine the ability to focus and concentrate.

Simple strategies designed for busy mums to support behavioural and/or learning difficulties from toddlerhood into school age kids and beyond.

Step-by-Step easy to follow instructions – the course takes just over an hour to complete.

Natural Medicine to the Rescue – gain access to the best quality practitioner only products to support, nurture and nourish your child’s cognitive process. (Australia & N.Z. only)

Healthy Eating Plan – takes away all the guess work by providing you with serving sizes for the main food groups to suit your child’s age group.

Workbook includes all course notes to transform your child’s life and keep the strategies as doable as possible.

Easy recipes plus checklists and cheatsheets – all you need to begin your child’s journey so they can be the best version of themselves possible.

Plus much more…

Transform your child’s wellbeing

“After the first session and changing my child’s diet, I was able to achieve results! Fiona is able to explain the concepts with a depth of understanding and knowledge that is easy to follow. Her advice has made a huge positive impact to our family.”

Ros B.

Let’s Build Healthier & Happier Kids Together!

If your child suffers from ADHD, behavioural issues, learning difficulties, depression or anxiety. This is the class for you.

My simple 3-step program will help you nurture and restore your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.


“A big heartfelt thank you Fiona for the changes in my son. When he first saw Fiona he was suffering from terrible anxiety and too nervous to leave the house. He is now a different person and so much happier and with none of the anxiety that plagued him prior to his initial consultation”

Pam. C

Get advice you can trust with

Australia’s Leading Paediatric Naturopath.

My aim is to ensure your child isn’t suffering from treatable or preventable ailments. This class offers practical solutions and nutritional guidance to help you understand the underlying cause of your child’s condition. Armed with this information you will feel empowered with knowledge on how to nurture your child’s wellbeing so they can enjoy the optimal health they deserve.


“On the very first morning of following Fiona’s dietary changes, I noticed a difference in both my sons, they were sitting quietly playing and enjoying each other’s company instead of fighting and screaming at each other.

Maria. I

“Fiona has been very helpful in providing a plan for my 6 year old. It wasn’t a band aid solution and took lifestyle changes and effort from the whole family with the information she provided. A couple of months later we have definitely noticed a difference in him and the changes have not only benefited him but our entire family.”

Sam. B

“My daughter has severe eczema on her hands and is very anxious of anything that is unfamiliar to her. I was recommended Fiona because I knew there was something going on with her gut health which was causing her skin to react. However, I was blown away when I learnt the extent of the Guts role in her mental wellbeing. Fiona stepped us through the critical role the Gut plays in informing our entire wellbeing, beyond the physical. With her delightful and humorous way, we are implementing her strategies and I already have my other family members booked in to see her to have their Gut health reviewed. I cannot recommend this delightful practitioner enough.”

Tahn. M

“I have been looking for a good naturopath for my year old son who is on the spectrum and found Fiona. She is amazing, lovely, friendly and very knowledgeable. She explains the Gut – Brain connection very well. I’m looking forward to our healing journey together.”

Umm. B

Get advice you can trust…

With over 35,000 downloads of my ebooks and e-courses, I have developed a unique learning framework which has helped families worldwide restore their child’s health and wellbeing.

A Sneak Peek at what you’ll learn inside the course.

Step 1

Did you know scientist call the digestive system (AKA the Gut) the ‘second brain’?

The body’s second largest nervous system resides deep within the gut and it’s in constant communication with the central nervous system found in the brain. This means the gut and the brain talk to each other. If your child suffers from digestive issues such as food intolerances, constipation, tummy pains, diarrhoea or a leaky-gut these can all interfere with the communication pathways and impact the functioning of their brain.

Step 2

What your child eats, plays a massive role in their mental and emotional health.

Here we look at the dietary component of your child’s condition and especially how much sugar they are consuming. Sugar is hidden in so many foods and some kids are eating 30 to 50+ teaspoons a day. Eating lots of this highly addictive sweetener is followed soon after by the inevitable sugar slump and the symptoms mimic ADHD. These include poor focus and concentration, behavioural issues, tantrums etc.

Step 3

Natural Medicine to the Rescue.

This is where I take you through my top supplements to nurture and nourish your child’s brain to better health.

Are you ready to get started?

The class takes just over an hour to complete – allowing you to make immediate changes to nurture your child to better health.

As Australia’s leading Paediatric Naturopath & Kids Nutritionist, I’ve especially designed this class so that you will learn everything I teach in a face-to-face consultation.

When the Gut speaks the Brain listens

The Brain and the Gut are constantly chattering to each other, conveying messages up and down a communication superhighway between the Brain and the Gut. This allows the Brain to act as a watchdog, to supervise the complex daily functions of the Gut. They work in unison to perform the complicated tasks of digesting food, regulating appetite and metabolism, releasing enzymes to breakdown food, absorption of nutrients and the eventual elimination of wastes.

And… The Brain talks back to the Gut

We have all experienced the sensations of the brain communicating with the gut, maybe without realising it. Most of us can relate to feelings of nausea, butterflies in the pit of our stomach or that gut-wrenching feeling that accompanies anxiety and nervousness. When our brain registers that we are out of our comfort zone, the gut instantly registers this information which results in uncomfortable gut sensations like the ‘butterflies’ in the tummy we associate with being in a stressful situation.

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The class material is continually updated to reflect changes when new scientific research becomes available.

A Message from Fiona Stock

As a Paediatric Naturopath, Children’s Nutritionist and Author with 25 years of extensive clinical experience. This class combines evidence-based naturopathic principles alongside the latest scientific research in children’s health. This will provide the best foundation for your child’s health and wellbeing from infancy into school-age years and beyond.

Are your ready to transform your child’s health and wellbeing?

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