Preconception Health

The creation of life is a beautifully complex time and contemplating a healthy journey into conception provides your baby with the best possible start in life – the greatest gift a parent can give their child.


Setting up the health of your baby


The time a couple spends optimising their health before conception goes a long way towards achieving an enjoyable pregnancy and a healthy baby. Prior to conception you will most likely have experienced a lifestyle that involves the exposure to stressors and toxins. These factors are understood to impact the health outcomes of future generations.


Fiona can naturally support you through preconception, pregnancy and your post-birth journey. She provides couples with nutritional support alongside healthy lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve the best result and give your baby the best start in life.


Fiona uses integrative screening tools alongside nutritional/dietary assessment and pathology analysing to help you reach your desired outcome.


Did you Know?


  • Maternal and paternal health are equally important leading up to conception.
  • Paternal health directly influences the child’s health and the health of the following three generations.
  • Prenatal health determines the quality of genetic material contained within the egg and sperm, and therefore the genetic potential of the baby.

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