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Practitioner-Only Supplements

Metagenics is a practitioner-only brand which means you can only purchase these products through a naturopath.  These are considered to be one of the best brands available using the highest quality ingredients. These products are available to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

    Natural Medicine for Optimal Growth & Development

    Cod Liver Oil

    Cod Liver oil contains vitamins D and A for healthy function of:
    • Supports optimal immune function.
    • Improves cognitive function to support focus, concentration & memory.
    • Anti-inflammatory to the gut wall.
    • Supports red blood cell membranes linings for optimal oxygenation.
    • Required for eye health.
    • Supports skin health reducing incidence of rashes and eczema.
    • Suitable from birth.

    Ultra Flora Mother & Baby

    • Assists with infant behaviour, immune and gut health.
    • Reduces symptoms associated with colic.
    • Reduces duration of excessive crying and fussing.
    • Increases sleeping time.
    • Reduces occurrence of allergies.
    • Supports skin health.
    • Suitable from birth.

    Once your order is placed, the supplements will be delivered via courier.

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