3-Steps for Fussy Eaters

Practitioner-Only Supplements

Metagenics is a practitioner-only brand which means you can only purchase these products through a naturopath.  These are considered to be one of the best brands available using the highest quality ingredients. These products are available to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

    Natural Medicine for Fussy Eaters

    Cod Liver Oil

    • Supports skin health.
    • Anti-inflammatory to gut wall to assist with absorption of nutrients.
    • Boosts immune function.
    • Improves with optimal brain function – memory, focus & concentration.
    • Supports the structure of red blood cell membrane linings to boost oxygenation to better energy levels.
    • Required for eye health.
    • Suitable from birth.

    Meta Zinc & C

    Improves senses of taste and smell to encourage appetite for healthier food.
    Boosts immune function.
    Supports optimal brain function.
    Supports general growth and development.
    Improves wound healing.
    Suitable 1+ years old.

    Ultra Flora Regulate - Prebiotic

    • Provides a food source to feed friendly bacteria to encourage healthy eating habits.
    • Provides a source of fibre to assist with bowel movements.
    • Helps stimulate daily bowel movements.
    • Suitable from 1+ years old.

    Ultra Flora Kids Care

    • Reduces incidence of eczema.
    • Maintains beneficial gut bacteria.
    • Supports optimal bowel function.
    • Regulates immune function.
    • Dairy free probiotic and prebiotic combination.
    • Suitable from birth.

    If your child is Constipated

    Natural Medicine for Constipation

    Fibroplex Magnesium Powder

    • Attracts water into the gut to soften hard and compacted stool.
    • Encourages daily painless, easy to pass bowel movements.
    • Improves getting off to sleep and staying asleep.
    • Supports general energy levels.
    • Improves overall muscle function.
    • Suitable from 1+ years old.

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