Healthy Child Healthy Gut

The Healthy Child Healthy Gut book helps you to achieve the best foundation to nurture your child’s health and wellbeing from birth into school-age years and beyond. Fiona Stock combines a wealth of naturopathic wisdom alongside the latest scientific research.


Upon completion of each chapter you will be able to set in motion our easy-to-follow recommendations to nurture and restore your child’s health.


Upon completing the book, you give your child the greatest gift that lasts a lifetime: A robust immune system and healthy cognitive function for optimal wellbeing and happiness.


I highly recommend this detailed yet easy to read book to anyone who is interested in learning how the gut is connected to good health what we can do to support it in its vital work by eating a healthy diet.

Dr. Leila Masson
Paediatrician & Lactation Consultant

What’s in the Book

Chapter 1

A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Child – Interwoven within your child’s gut is 80% of the immune system and the 2nd biggest nervous system that connects directly to the brain.


Chapter 2

Friendly Bacteria – Your child’s immune system, brain function, skin health and weight, in fact their all-round health is determined by the types and amounts of friendly bacteria living in your child’s gut.


Chapter 3

A Healthy Gut = A Immune System – Because 80% of the immune system is interlaced within the gut wall, it needs a healthy gut to function at its optimal best.


Chapter 4

A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Brain – The second largest nervous system is interwoven within the gut wall – therefore poor gut health can impact your child’s mental and emotional health and their cognitive function.


Chapter 5

A Healthy Gut = Healthy Skin – The cornerstone of healthy skin is good gut health. The skin and the gut are intimately connected – eczema, rashes and dry skin all have a common denominator, poor gut health.


Chapter 6

Snoop on Poop – Don’t rush to flush number two’s, poop offers a great window to gut health. Children who suffer from any one of the common childhood illnesses are often prone to problems with their gut and how they poop.

Chapter 7

Food Allergies and Food Intolerances – Learn the difference between these two conditions and follow our step-by-step plan of how to identify if a particular food is undermining your child’s health.


Chapter 8

Sugar and Weight Management – The amount of sugar consumed by our children has increased alongside the rate of childhood obesity.


Chapter 9

Nourishing Foundations – Prevention is better than cure. Learn how to supercharge your infant’s first foods to safeguard their health.


Chapter 10

The Chemical Jungle – Children are exposed to hidden chemicals many of which cannot be avoided. Learn how to minimise their exposure to these toxins to improve their overall wellbeing.


Chapter 11

The Healthy Eating Plan – An easy to follow dietary plan the whole family can follow. Eating a variety of nutritious food from each of the three food groups is the key to a well-balanced diet.


Chapter 12

The Gut Repair Program – A two-step plan designed to repair your child’s gut health to restore their health and wellbeing.


Chapter 13

Gut restoring recipes

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