Nourishing First Foods

This class offers expert guidance to start your baby on solids. It contains evidence-based advice to equip you with confidence and knowledge to navigate this exciting time in your little ones life. Learn how to support their delicate digestive system and meet their nutritional needs to nourish their immune system and brain function and skin health plus much more.

This class will teach you how to…

Safeguard your child’s immunity and support optimal cognitive function.

Prevent food allergies and food intolerances.

Eliminate the underlying cause of common childhood illnesses such as eczema and skin rashes.

Supercharge and prepare your infant’s food with nutritional goodness.

Superfoods your infant needs to thrive and best cooking methods to conserve precious nutrients.

Nip fussy eating in the bud.

Natural Medicine to the Rescue – gain access to the best quality practitioner-only supplements to support, nurture and nourish your child to better health. (Australia & N.Z. only)

Workbook includes all course notes to transform your child’s health and wellbeing ensuring all guidelines are practical and achievable.

50+ gut-friendly nutritious recipes your little one will love.

Plus much more…

Transform your child’s health

“We have been seeing Fiona since our son was 5 weeks old. We were blown away by Fiona’s nurturing approach. We love that she is so involved and genuinely cares for our family’s overall wellbeing and she holds a warm place in our hearts. I love her work and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a professional who actually cares.”

Suzan B.

Are you ready to start?

The class takes just over an hour to complete – allowing to discover the joys of feeding super nourishing food and put your little one on the path to lifelong optimal health and wellbeing.


“Fiona has been very helpful in providing a plan for my 6 year-old son. It wasn’t a band- aid solution and took a few dietary changes to improve his health. Within a few days we began to notice changes and he is feeling so much better and we haven’t look back.”

Sam B.

Get advice you can trust with

Australia’s Leading Paediatric Naturopath.

My aim is to ensure your child isn’t suffering from treatable or preventable ailments. This class offers practical solutions and nutritional guidance to help you understand the underlying cause of your child’s condition. Armed with this information you will feel empowered with knowledge on how to nurture your child’s wellbeing so they can enjoy the optimal health they deserve.


“A big heartfelt thank you Fiona for the changes in my son. When we first saw Fiona he had anxiety around leaving the house or going to school. We followed some simple steps to identify food intolerances. He is back to his old confident self and his energy levels have improved too.”

Kim D.

Get advice you can trust…

With over 35,000 downloads of my ebooks and e-courses, I have developed a unique learning framework which has helped families worldwide restore their child’s health and wellbeing.

A Sneak Peek at what you’ll learn inside the course.

Step 1

Learn the fundamental principles of Gut Health and how it forms the foundation of your child’s health and wellbeing.

Gain the latest evidence-based insights into the world of baby gut health and how to put your little one on the path of lifelong optimal health and wellbeing.

Step 2

Gain an in-depth understanding of baby health and wellness.

My guidelines provide evidence-based, thoroughly-researched information to help you confidently navigate these critical first years of your baby’s life and beyond.

Step 3

Natural Medicine to the Rescue.

Discover my top natural medicine supplements to nurture and nourish your child to better health.

Let’s Build Healthier Baby’s Together!

I will guide and advice you with the best foods to introduce to your infant.

Get advice you can trust with Australia’s Leading Paediatric Naturopath

This class combines naturopathic principles alongside scientific research to provide the perfect foundation to guide you through this important period of your infant’s development. With this in mind and understanding their whole future is before them, how you choose to wean your infant offers a wonderful opportunity to influence their lifelong health.

Lifetime access:
Free updates to the course

The class material is continually updated to reflect changes when new scientific research becomes available.

A Message from Fiona Stock

As a Paediatric Naturopath, Children’s Nutritionist and Author with 25 years of extensive clinical experience. This class combines evidence-based naturopathic principles alongside the latest scientific research in children’s health. This will provide the best foundation for your child’s health and wellbeing from infancy into school-age years and beyond.

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